Itzy Beachy’s new bespoke service

You might have always wanted a piece of swimwear designed just for you, perhaps you quite like certain colours that are not available on our current collection or had a mastectomy recently?
Whatever the reason, Itzy Beachy now offers a new bespoke service where our clients can have their very own swimwear exclusively designed by Itziar as she attends all of her appointments personally.
Being a fashion designer and a trained patter cutter for many years makes it easier for Itziar to understand female figure and her clients’ needs tailoring her swimwear to her customers’ individual requirements.
The cost of this service varies depending on the customer’s needs but typically our costs range from £200 to £350 for a bespoke piece.
If you are interested in having your very own bespoke swimwear piece, please email us at to arrange a complementary consultation.